I've got Olympic fever and the only prescription is MORE CURLING!

I'm obsessed with the Winter Olympics this year. I don't remember being that interested when they were in Salt Lake City. I did watch some in 2002, and I remember watching some curling, because it was when I was the manager for the ladies' basketball team at OCC and we were on a road trip and when everyone got on the bus, we discovered that we had all been watching curling in our respective hotel rooms.

A few weeks ago I was up very late and I happened to catch the beginning of a movie called "Men With Brooms," so I watched the whole thing. (I won't watch a movie if I missed the beginning, even if it's 2 minutes. So when I happen to see the very beginning of a movie, I tend to watch the whole thing.) It was about a curling rink (aka team) who had to reunite to win the Golden Broom because their old coach died and it was his last request. Ooh, and Leslie Nielsen played the estranged father of the skip who reunites with his son to coach the rink. Anyway, that doesn't really matter except that it put me in a curling frame of mind. That night, I even came thisclose to buying a USA Curling t-shirt, but decided I really didn't have the money. (But now I really wish I had have, because now they are sold out... THEY ARE BACK IN STOCK! I just went to the site to add the link, and they have them! I am SO ordering one.)

ANYWAY, I love Tivo more than ever, because I put curling on my wish list and when I get home I have all the USA Curling I want there waiting for me!

Speaking of home, it's 12:30, so I have to leave work and go there... more later...