I'm back!

I've had the urge to blog several times in the last couple of weeks, so one of my New Year's resolutions is to blog something once a week. I think I may have made the same resolution last year, so who knows if it'll stick this time.

The main thing I want to share is that I had a fabulous New Year's Eve! Instead of playing Scrabble with my parents, I went to Columbia with my friends Adam and Jeremiah to see my favorite live band, Big Smith, play at The Blue Note. It was loads of fun, and we also got to eat dinner with Katie and George, and stay at Aunt Annie & John's. There are fates worse than playing Scrabble with your parents on New Year's Eve, but there are also fates that are a lot more fun, and I'm glad I experienced one this year! I'll post pictures soon, but I'm blogging this from work.

Yes, I said work. I am now a Receptionist for Adult Student Services & the Evening College in the Continuing Education department at Missouri State. It's your classic part-time on-campus job, and I've enjoyed it so far. I'm only in my second week of work, but I can already tell that everyone is very nice and that I'll be good at this job (mainly answering questions over the phone about how to register as an adult student). It feels good to hear someone say "Thank you so much! You were soo helpful!" with relief in their voices. I think many people are afraid of the collegiate beauracracy, and we are more of a one-stop-shop type of office, so adult students are happy they only have to deal with us.

The other thing I wanted to blog (mainly for myself) is that I had my first design dream last night. I was involved in some sort of intense graphic design workshop or competition or something and I had to take interesting digital photographs of all kinds of old junk, then convert the files to a bunch of different file types. It's interesting that it was actually more of a photography dream than a graphic design dream, but I definitely remember thinking it was part of some sort of a larger design challenge. I remember feeling very stressed, competitive, and also inferior and intimidated. I distinctly remember asking one girl for help converting a file, and she just glared at me.

I don't think I've mentioned that I finally succumbed to... something... and changed my major to Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (from Bachelor of Art in Art & Design). It's a much more intense program, and I'll have to submit my portfolio this spring to get accepted to the program. I'll post more about that later, I'm sure...

Well, I'm about ready to leave for the day (for the week) actually, so I'll wrap this up... I have to go email you, my faithful, abandoned readers to let you know that I have returned! Welcome back and thanks for reading!