a lesson from Katrina

OK, so it's been an unbelievably long time since my last post, but something just struck me that I had to blog...

I'm watching Oprah, and she was showing Julia Roberts talking with survivors of Hurricane Katrina from New Orleans who are now in shelters. One woman was very upset at the lack of reponse from the government, saying "they treated us like yesterday's trash." Then she said something like "if it wasn't for private charter busses from Atlanta and the people who gathered up money to pay for them and the Red Cross, I don't know where we'd be." She was furious that the government didn't swoop in to immediately save all of them. Of course, I'm thinking "THAT'S WHY BIG GOVERNMENT IS BAD!!! They will fail you! You have to rely on your neighbors and the kindness of others." To me, that seems like the one of the most obvious lessones to be learned from this situation, not that President Bush or the state governments failed (granted, the local gov'ts especially could have been more prepared and done more to evacuate sooner), but you just can't rely on the government, no matter who is in charge. I'm praying that Americans will look at this with open eyes and see that it's the help of private citizens and charities and churches that can save people's lives, and be encouraged by that fact, rather than despair at the inevitable slowness of any gov't beauracracy.