From north of the Missouri River...

I'm in Columbia, MO as I type this. My mom and I came up today to visit my Aunt Jonna before she goes back to California, as well as just hang out with the rest of my family. We're going back to Pomona on Friday so I can get everything together for VBS, which starts Monday night. (I'm the director for VBS this year; I don't think I mentioned that before.) The theme this year is Serengeti Trek and I think it's gonna be a lot of fun. The curriculum/plans are written well, and make it easy to execute. (Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to throw it together in three weeks!)

Last night, my friend Jeremiah (who is the youth minister at church this summer) asked if I could go as a sponsor to the Christ in Youth conference the week after VBS. I was looking forward to finally having time to just be in Springfield and finally get my apartment fully organized, and I also need to start seriously hunting for a part-time job. But, the more I thought about it, I think going away for a week to a spiritual (and fun) environment would be really good for me. Plus, Miah's pretty much desperate for another female sponsor, so that's the kind of friend I am: I'll sacrifice a week of doing housework for a week of spiritual refreshment while hanging out with a group of fun, normal high schoolers at no cost to me. Yeah, just call me Saint Sara. (Yes, T, that means I won't be in MO until a week after you get back from Spain, which is another downside.)

I finished summer school last week. My Drawing class went pretty well, I think. I ended up dropping my PED 100 class the week before the wedding, b/c I realized I wouldn't have time to study for the lecture tests (yes, a PE class requires studying). And, it fits into my schedule well for this fall.

I'm looking forward to school starting this fall, so I'll have some free time. This summer has been fun, but so jam-packed with fun that I haven't had time to stop and absorb it all, really. It will be nice to have a routine again. I'm also excited about finally starting my design classes after struggling through a year of my Foundations classes (all that Drawing...never again...). In my portfolio review, my Drawing professor said he could tell from the first day that I had strong composition skills, or what he called "perceptual analysis." He asked me if, when I'm putting a composition together (figuring out where to put stuff on the page), if I ever felt like "it just clicked." I feel like that all the time, actually. In fact, I would kind of freak myself out sometimes when I was working on something like a collage in 2D Design or a lamp or something in 3D Design, and something would just pop into my head, like "A CD will fit perfectly in that cylinder" and I'd measure and they'd both be exactly 4 inches across. (Handy thing to remember if you ever are sans ruler and need to measure something: A CD is 4 inches across.) He also said my weakness was capturing form and light on the page; and that I never got comfortable with "mark-making" or using the drawing media. I could have told him all that on the first day of class. That's why I'm excited to start making things "click" on the computer screen (or with a camera in my photography class), and not have to deal with graphite or charcoal.

Also, while I'm in Columbia, my cousin-in-law George is going to revive my comatose Dell. (Although, if for some reason it's un-revivable, I won't cry too much. I'll just get a PowerBook. I'm typing this from my uncle's iBook and I like it. I like it a lot.) I've missed my iTunes and my Bookmarks and the comfy feeling of working on your very own machine.

Speaking of comfy, I'm going to bed.


Wedding pictures!

More to come soon over at the wedding website; here are a few to tide you over...
(Sorry if these look distorted... click on the picture to go to a full-size version)

Woodson cousins take a break from decorating the Opera House

View of the hay bales & arbor from the roof of the house

Dani & Josh during the ceremony

Mr. & Mrs. B. take their first steps together

Escaping on a fire truck

Table at the reception (yes, those are personalized souvenir can coolers)