T-minus 40 hours...

Wedding craziness has begun! I'm at my parents' (luckily for you, my room is also the office now, so I can blog at 1:30 am without disturbing anyone). Last night and today we finished up the last-minute touches (assembling programs, burning CDs which will be favors at the rehearsal dinner, etc.). We all went to Mom's manicure place in West Plains this afternoon and got our nails done. Dani and the bridesmaids all got french tips on our fingernails and red toenails, for those of you who might be interested in that sort of thing. The first big wave of family arrived today; mainly my aunts and cousins on my Mom's side. Jobs get done a lot faster with thirteen Woodson females working!

Tomorrow morning we're headed down to the Opera House (reception site) to decorate. It shouldn't take too long b/c it looks so cool already that we're really just putting stuff on the tables. The rehearsal is here at the house tomorrow night at five; then the rehearsal dinner is at a mill/resort out in the country (yes, even farther out in the country than we are). We only invited family to the rehearsal dinner. Fifty people are coming!

Well, I'm boring myself to sleep; it's hard to relate the fun/craziness in the written word at 1:30 in the morning. I'll have pictures to post soon; although I may not get to it til Saturday.