it really worked!

OK, so you know how I got my TiVo as part of a deal to get a free 40BG iPod? Well, Apple stopped making the 40GB iPod a few months ago, so I assumed that the company offering the deal either had a stockpile and would send me one, or would send me a check for the value of the iPod (as the terms and conditions stated). I got this in the mail yesterday:

Yup, that's a fuzzy cameraphone close-up of a check for $399.99! Assuming it clears, the thing wasn't a scam! With my student discount, I can get a 30GB iPod Photo for $319. With the 2 year protection plan and a case, the total comes to something like $390. Needless to say, I am pleased. I will of course post pictures when I get my iPod, which of course, I won't order 'til I get home to deposit the check. (Sometimes banking at my dad's bank an hour and a half away is a small pain in the rump.)

And yes, I do know the responsible adult thing to do would be to keep the check and use it to pay bills and buy gas and groceries. However, I can use the iPod for school purposes, such as transporting files from home to the design lab, and I can also use it as a backup drive for other important files. And when I get a real digital camera, I can keep backup copies of all my photos on it, and that way if there's ever a fire or anything, I can just grab my iPod and have all my important documents and treasured memories with me. As you can tell, I have put a lot of thought into rationalizing this purchase.