my new baby (and one on the way)

The newest edition to my media cabinet is a... TIVO!

I was trying to complete the offers for one of those free iPod sites, and I needed to finish one more, but I didn't want to apply for fifty credit cards or subscribe to the Wall Street Journal (esp. when I can read the parts I like online). Early last week, a new offer was posted: "Buy a Tivo for only $99*!" (*after rebate). So I checked it out, and until April 30, you can get a $300 80-hour Tivo with an instant $100 discount, and a $100 rebate from the online Tivo store. Considering my birthday is May 2, so I knew I had some birthday cash headed my way, as well as my tax refund, so I decided to go for it. Assuming the iPod site isn't a total scam, I will have gotten a $300 Tivo and a $300 40 GB iPod for $99. Not too shabby.