my flirting skills need work.

In an earlier post, I presented this theory:

"Blogging is the answer for people who lay awake at night and realize the hilarious/biting/brilliant/perfect comment they should have said much earlier and at a specific moment in the the day."

This is one of those posts.

Tonight I went to O'Reilly Auto Parts to look for something I needed for my final project for 3D Design. The guy who helped me was, well, helpful, and also very friendly, and reasonably cute, although a few years younger than me. At the register (I almost wrote "as he was checking me out" but that has too many meanings in this context!), he said "You probably have a boyfriend, but can I have your phone number?" I just kinda smiled and froze for a few seconds, then realized that he actually needed my phone number to enter in to the system. I just gave him my phone number, then handed him my debit card. We chatted more as he finished the transaction, mostly about art stuff, because I had told him earlier about my project. Anyway, it wasn't really a big deal, and I'm sure the "I'm sure you have a boyfriend" line is just that--a line he probably uses on every female who comes into the store.

The thing that I'm concerned about is my own response to that line. What if he had have been a guy I was actually attracted to? I would have been even more flustered, I'm sure. As I was driving home, I thought of fifty things I should have said, mainly "Well, actually, I don't have a boyfriend... my number is..." Simple enough, right? Yet I couldn't think of a darn thing to say other than to stammer out my phone number. I'm sure this happens to everyone at one time or another, but it seems like it happens to me all the time. I like to think I've gotten over the shyness that I was known for when I was little, but I suppose it still springs up now and then. Anyway, I don't really know what the point of this post was, other than to vent about my poor spur-of-the-moment repartee' skills.

I also could have said, "Oh, I bet you use that line on all the ladies..."


my new baby (and one on the way)

The newest edition to my media cabinet is a... TIVO!

I was trying to complete the offers for one of those free iPod sites, and I needed to finish one more, but I didn't want to apply for fifty credit cards or subscribe to the Wall Street Journal (esp. when I can read the parts I like online). Early last week, a new offer was posted: "Buy a Tivo for only $99*!" (*after rebate). So I checked it out, and until April 30, you can get a $300 80-hour Tivo with an instant $100 discount, and a $100 rebate from the online Tivo store. Considering my birthday is May 2, so I knew I had some birthday cash headed my way, as well as my tax refund, so I decided to go for it. Assuming the iPod site isn't a total scam, I will have gotten a $300 Tivo and a $300 40 GB iPod for $99. Not too shabby.


Post-Spring Break Report

Here's what I actually did over Spring Break, as compared to my to do list:

1. Read a book.
- Accomplished. I read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It is coming out as a movie soon, starring Martin Freeman, the (in my opinion) very cute British actor from The Office and Love Actually. I also wanted to read Sahara by Clive Cussler, also in anticipation of the upcoming movie. I have read it before though, so I wasn't quite as motivated to finish it.

2. Add some things to/slightly revamp the Young Republicans website.
- Semi-accomplished. I have done some of the work, but haven't posted it yet. I'll finish it in the next day or two, using it as a reason to procrastinate from work that I actually should be doing for school.

3. Replace the Blogger template you see surrounding this very post with something original I designed my very own self.
- Obviously, not accomplished. I actually completely forgot about it. Oh well.

4. Go fishing.
- Not accomplished. But I have all summer to go fishing, and the weather will be even better later.

5. Play tennis.
- Also not accomplished. Again, the semi-rainy, cool weather which dominated much of the week made it a tad difficult.

6. Watch many hours of NCAA basketball.
- Nearly accomplished. I ended up getting second in my bracket group. Now all I have to do is watch the final tonight. Go North Carolina? (Or maybe Illinois. I don't really care too much. It should be a good game either way.)

7. Sleep.
- Definitely accomplished. I think I slept for at least ten hours every night.

Other miscellaneous doings:
- Filed federal taxes and FAFSA. I still need to do my state taxes, though. They will be a pain because I'm a Missouri resident, but earned all my money in Kansas, so I have to file in both states. Blah.

- Went to Ladies' Aid at church on Tuesday. Enjoyed a potluck lunch and then crocheted a dishcloth while the (mostly old) ladies quilted.

- Played Risk! with Susan, Taylor, Matt, Jeremiah, and Dad. Dani, Mom, and Amanda worked on Dani's wedding invitations while we fought for world domination for four hours. Dad was declared the winner at one in the morning.

- Went bowling with Matt, Amanda, and Jeremiah. I broke 100 in the second game and beat Jeremiah and Amanda.

Sorry I don't have any pictures of any of those things; this would have been a lot more interesting with some visual evidence. OK, I guess I'm done rambling now. I'm off to work on a Java app that's due tomorrow.