The State of the State of the Union

Random observation and comments during the State of the Union address:

- John Kerry. Heh heh heh. Yes, just sit there and clap politely.

- I like how the Joint Chiefs of staff don't clap. Shows a lack of politics, obviously, which is good.

- Health care reform: as a jr. high girl would say, Doctorz Rule, Lawyerz Drool.

- I love how the Democrats are forced to clap after some things they really don't want to clap for. They just golf clap, b/c you can't not clap for something like "We need fewer law suits so health care will be less expensive." They golf clap, but you know they're thinking "I hope the lawyers who gave me big contributions aren't watching."

- Ooh everyone stood up for reforming the tax code.

- Immigration amnesty: eh. Tighter borders: better.

- Social Security reform: yes, please!

(According to my political science professor, you only get a 1% return on what you put into Social Security! You would make more money just by putting it into a standard savings account.)

How can those Democrats not clap for saving Social Security?? That's the same thing as clapping for the fact that when I retire, I won't have any Social Security benefits!

"Our children's retirement security is more important that partisan politics." AMEN!

The fact that Democrats are not standing after "the government can never take it away" (referring to the money in personal retirement savings accounts) tells you SOOO much about the Democrats.

- Laura Bush looks great, as usual, although her suit looks a tad old woman-ish.

- Expanded use of DNA evidence? That’s good, I guess, but it sort of came out of left field after the bit about AIDS research funding.

- W’s tie is almost the exact same color as the red in the flag behind him.

- Well, I’m glad the Dems managed to lift themselves from their chairs to clap for fighting terrorists.

- Spread of democracy = Spread of peace. It's true, y'all.

- Condi also looks fabulous. Her hair, while still hat-like, is very shiny tonight. Yikes, she's going to Israel/Palestine. Pray for her safety.

- Hey Syria, shape up or ship out.

- Hey citizens of Iran, if you wanna revolt against your wacked-out rulers, we've got your back.

- Nice. Uplifted blue ink-stained fingers from Republicans at mention of Iraq election.

- Cool. The military guys stood and clapped in honor of Iraqi voters (and again later in honor of military casualties).

- I'm gonna cry again. Yes, I'm crying at the words and following smile of the Iraqi woman who lost her father to Saddam and is now waving her ink-stained finger and flashing the peace/victory sign to the President and members of Congress.

- I'm glad President Bush doesn't have a round face and wear glasses, or else him standing between VP Cheney and Speaker Hastert would make it look like all high-ranking American officials look like that.

- Crying like a baby at the Iraqi woman hugging the mom of the fallen Marine, Sgt. Byron Norwood. Amazing.

Post-speech stuff:

- Aw. As the president walked out, a hug and a kiss (?) for Senator Lieberman, one of the sane Democrats.

- Ew. Harry Reid is creepy. And Nancy Pelosi is scary (because she's crazy).

- Tom DeLay said the speech was a "home run," one of the best he's heard in 20 years. He also said he teared up, too, so I'm not just an overly sensitive weepy girl.

OK, so I'm done being random. I probably made no sense, especially if you didn't watch the speech. But I had fun, anyway. These are two pictures I like and want you to see:

(all images from the AP)