The MO Senate Committee on Higher Education agrees...

Representatives of MU's Alumni Association have indeed been acting like big babies. This AP story reveals how the MU spokespeople shot themselves in their collective foot by being childish while testifying before the Committee. The end of the story reveals the most:

During the hearing, University of Missouri-Columbia journalism professor James Sterling accused Gov. Matt Blunt of threatening to withhold millions of dollars from the University of Missouri unless Floyd signed off on the bill during an all-night Senate debate. He added that lawmakers were allowing themselves to be pressured by the governor's office.

"Why would you let the governor's office come over in the middle of the night and tell you what to do?" Sterling said during committee testimony.

Rep. Carl Bearden, R-St. Charles, called Sterling's claim a "wild accusation" and told him he had lost all credibility as a witness.

Blunt Spokesman Spence Jackson said Sterling's accusation is false.

"That is absolutely untrue and it's disturbing that a professor would make such a baseless accusation before a distinguished House committee," Jackson said.

Rep. Tim Flook, R-Liberty, said he had entered committee meeting unsure how he would vote on the bill. But he said the aggressive and antagonistic approach of the University of Missouri's supporters turned him off. He voted for the bill.

"I've been severely disappointed by the way this has transpired," Flook said during the meeting. "It seems to me this has dwindled down to simple bragging rights."

(yet again, via JohnCombest.com)