I wish all Mizzou alums were as sensible...

as the News-Leader's Robert Leger when it comes to the SMSU to Missouri State name change. His editorial today is titled "Name change not a threat to Mizzou." An excerpt:

Perhaps I am biased because I earned my degree there, but you cannot walk the campus of the University of Missouri-Columbia without feeling its history. Take a deep breath, especially on the older red campus, and you smell academia.

There is no spot on the Southwest Missouri State University campus where I get the same feeling. It is a fine university, but it cannot hold a candle — or a column — to MU.

This is why I am mystified by the intense opposition from many MU alumni to SMS' name change proposal. The desperation shown at a House hearing last week — MU journalism professor and former curator Jim Sterling repeating third-hand information he had not confirmed — was pathetic....

A Missouri State University cannot reduce the stature of the University of Missouri — certainly not to the degree that MU's backers have done with their unwarranted inferiority complex.

I'm proud of my alma mater. I know it will continue to shine — long after the fuss about a name change for Missouri State University has faded into history.

Go read the whole thing, as they say.