I will pay for good design.

Well, I'll pay a little extra for good design. I fell in love on sight with this Archer Farms bottled water at Target yesterday:

The simple line of the bottle, plus the simple black and green typefaces (with the red rooster accent) on a clear label make me want to buy and drink this water.

I love Target's "Design for All" campaign, and also the recent commercial with the "Have It All" tagline and the "you can have it all" song throughout. Target has done a fabulous job making good product design available at affordable prices. Wal-Mart's prices are slightly better, but I will pay an extra dollar (per case of 24) to carry around a beautifully designed bottle. I know not everyone feels that way, but I think life is too short to subject yourself to ugliness. I may never drive a Jaguar or live in a sleek downtown loft or a Craftsman Bungalow, but I can have cool bottles of water.

UPDATE: I was looking around Target's "Design for All" site and if you click on "Products" and scroll through, you can see a much better picture of my favorite water bottle!

UPDATE 2: The Archer Farms water is also in this week's Target circular. (I promise Target did not pay me to write any of this! Although I'm beginning to wonder if they implanted a chip in brain. But it's probably just a case of an early adopter--me--colliding with good marketing--Target--at exactly the right moment.)