January 30: Election Day

I'm up late (just because I always am) and just turned on Fox News. They are showing Iraqis voting; women smiling and men raising arms in victory and joy as they wait in line at the polls. I find myself with tears streaming down my face; I didn't expect this emotion. I've been praying for days that the election would go well, and now to watch the voting begin-- to watch the birth of a democracy-- is exhilarating. I pray the rest of the day goes well; I'm sure there will be violence at some point, but I hope it will be minimal.

God bless the many American and Iraqi (and Australian and British and other) troops who sacrificed their lives or health or time with their families to bring the gift of freedom to Iraqi men and women.

God bless President Bush and other leaders for having the vision to see that free elections in Iraq were possible and the courage to carry out a plan to bring this day about.

God bless the Iraqi men and women as they risk their lives to defy the insurgents and vote.

I feel like I'm being over emotional about this, but I know how frequently I thank God that I live in a nation that gives me the freedom to worship Him, and now Iraqi Christians are on their way to being able to do the same thing.

(photo via Powerline)