As promised, a report on the first day of classes...

ENG 215 - Creative Writing: Short Story.
Believe it or not, this is the first creative writing class I've ever taken. I'm a little worried because the professor (who also happens to be Jody Bilyeu of my favorite local band Big Smith) said that the only people who have problems in this class are the good essayists who like to "cleverly turn a phrase." As we all know, I'm nothing if not a fabulous essayist, master of cleverly turned phrases. (I hope you are all aware that my occasional boasting is tongue-in-cheek and I am actually compensating for my insecurities.) But, in fact, nearly all of my writing experience has been in composition classes, writing essays. I spent the whole semester last spring as a grad assistant pounding the importance of a thesis statement into the brains of college freshmen. Today I learned that contemporary short stories never have a thesis or an explicit moral lesson. Their purpose is to capture the complexities, and therefore the truth, of everyday contemporary life. My paradigms must shift.

ART 101 - Three Dimensional Design.
This will be a class full of new experiences, as I don't believe I have ever sculpted or built anything. We just went over the syllabus today, so it's hard to tell how the rest of the semester will actually go. I'll keep you updated.

HST 101 - History of Western Civilization I.
I'm looking forward to learning about Greek, Rome, and early European history. It will come in handy someday when I'm on Jeopardy! (Please note that the exclamation point is part of the actual name of the game. I normally wouldn't end such a sentence with an exclamation point.)

PLS 101 - American Democracy & Citizenship
This will be one of my favorite classes this semester; I know it already. If you know me at all, you know I love politics (or least the parts of it that can be loved). The professor is going to be great. He is definitely a Republican (or at least a conservative), and in just one lecture, I learned more about the need for Social Security reform than I have managed to pick up in months of news- and blog-reading (not that I ever really tried to learn too much about it.) I'll definitely have things to share with you from this class; I'm looking forward to actually learning what I think I already know.

Tomorrow: Application Development I and Drawing II and an explanation of why I'm taking all these 101 classes.