When I was the co-editor of my HS paper, my column was called "Random Thoughts." Here's why:

Blogging is the answer for people who lay awake at night and realize the hilarious/biting/brilliant/perfect comment they should have said much earlier and at a specific moment in the the day.

I thought of that as I was lying awake last night.

It's also perfect for relating hilarious/biting/brilliant/perfect thoughts you had earlier in the day, but were alone, so you had no one to share them with, even if you thought of them at the perfect moment. There was an infomercial about the new Matrix DVD box set on last night and it reminded me of one such moment in my life. A few years ago, I was at the mall and just as I approached the top of a small flight of stairs to go down, a few teenage boys were coming up the stairs. As one of them stepped off the top step, he just.... floated... right by me. I immediately thought, "I just witnessed a glitch in the Matrix!" And I was seriously disturbed. Soon after, I learned of those tennis shoes that have the litle roller skate wheels in the bottom, and I realized he must have had those on. OK, it was clever and funny if you were there. In my head.

I'm really really tired.