Welcome to the blogosphere!

I have introduced several of you to the addictive world of blogging in recent days. I thought I might fill you in on a few things that might not be readily apparent. It's usually best to click on every link in a post, so you can understand exactly what the blogger is referring to. If someone says something like "Via johncombest.com" (see my previous post) or "Hat tip: Powerline" it means they found the article or post they linked to at that site. Read lots of different blogs as you begin exploring them. Most blogs have lists of blogs which that particular blogger reads. There are thousands of blogs out there, and the more you read, the faster you'll find your favorites and narrow down your favorites list. Also, not all blogs are about politics. You'll find ones on any topic imaginable. Of course, my favorites are mostly political. The list of links to the right are the blogs and news pages that I check every day or at least a few times a week. Get out there, click around, and enjoy educating yourself!