W is for Winner!

How can I describe how I feel today? The air is sweeter, food tastes better, I can't stop smiling. Every single thing I've read or seen in the past year and a half (or longer) that bashed Bush now makes me giggle. Everything Michael Moore, Al Franken, Ben Affleck, Sean Penn, Leonardo DiCaprio, P. Diddy, and the rest of the Hollywood left did to attempt to brainwash America into voting against the President was meaningless. Thank you America for making my year!

I was at the victory party of Governor-Elect of Missouri Matt Blunt last night and had a great time. Even though Claire McCaskill's reluctance to call and concede kept us there until past 2:00 am, it was worth it to be there. Blunt is impressive in person. He seems much more mature than his 33 years; cool, calm, and in control. The future First Lady of Missouri, Melanie Blunt, looked great and will be a great asset to Missouri.