The moral of the story

Jim Geraghty at The Kerry Spot on National Review Online perfectly summarizes how I STILL feel:

  • "Anybody else feel like a ten-ton weight has been lifted from his shoulders? Anybody else feel like every muscle had been tensed and clenched for about two months, and a steadily increasing vice-like pressure had been squeezing him, day by day, as the election approached? Just me? Boy, since that last debate, I just wanted the race to end. Just vote and get it over with.

    And we've endured a lot during this campaign. Attack ads that will rip out your heart and scald your eyes. Large groups of hairy, under-employed, bandana-clad reprobates marching around carrying signs equating the president with Hitler. A new political documentary at the "independent" theater up the street every weekend. Every single B-list comedian, aging rocker, and hitless actor (*cough*Affleck*cough*) believing that he was the greatest political thinker since John Locke. I'm sorry, Linda Ronstadt: You're a wonderful singer, but if I ever need your assessment of the Kyoto treaty, I'll call and ask."

I've been thinking about why I'm so elated about the President's victory. Obviously, the continued steady conservative leadership and the failure of the Bush-bashers explains much of my glee, but I think there's more to it. This is the first year I actually volunteered to work for a campaign. I didn't do a lot, but I spent a few hours making phone calls and a few hours knocking on doors. That small investment apparently yielded big returns. Not for the President so much (Missouri was pretty much a lock), but for my personal sense of accomplishment. One purpose of this blog is to be a journal to help me remember lessons I've learned, or already knew, but have had reinforced. So here's the lesson: Don't just sit on the sidelines; get in there and DO something. Sharing in a victory is so much sweeter if you're actually playing on the winning team, not just cheering from the stands. (I realize that the disappointment of defeat would also be sharper, but that's a risk I'm willing to take.) OK, enough with the cheesy after-school special "moral of the story."

Oh yeah! Not only did I call and knock, I also forced this bit of glowing propaganda upon my neighbors: