Christopher Kallini also learned a few things during the campaign.

  • I learned that a sitting President with a large allied majority in the House and Senate is a “lame duck.”

  • I learned that if the majority of the country disagrees with you, it means that you are the mainstream, and the majority is a group of extremists. And they’re stupid.

  • I learned that if you spend 4 months in a war zone and then use a technicality to abandon your men in order to return home and accuse them of war crimes, it means you’re a War Hero, and that Medal of Honor winners who question your service and patriotism are just slimy liars.

  • I learned that freeing women from bondage in the Middle East doesn’t advance the cause of women as much as retaining the right to killing a 9 month old baby as it’s being delivered does.

  • I learned that socialism will work here, despite its failure everywhere else in the world for over 100 years, because...corporations...in their corporation buildings… see, they make money…

  • I learned that rich people are the root of all evil, unless those rich people donate millions to your party.

  • I learned that “supporting the troops” means voting against the candidate they overwhelmingly support, because the people in the military are too stupid to know what they’re doing.

There's more. Go read them.

(via Free Will)