Powerline is one of my very favorite blogs and this bit of brilliance is a perfect example of why. Deacon describes things he's heard from the left in Washington D.C.:

  • "One of my favorite lines goes something like this -- "these people in Ohio don't have jobs and all they're worried about is gay marriage." (You've all heard about the problem of rampant unemployment among evangelicals, haven't you?) This concept was reinforced today when the Washington Post ran a piece about a family in Ohio whose income has dipped from $55,000 a year to $35,000 since George Bush became president, but ardently supports the president because he shares their values. Liberals around here can only shake their head when they read about this. Yet some of these same liberals have seen their incomes rise by several hundred thousand dollars since Bush took office, yet oppose him because, in essence, he doesn't share their values. I say, good for them and good for that family in Ohio.

It would be preposterous for me to say to a liberal, "So what if you support gay marriage? Your income increased by $20,000 in the past four years! You should vote for Bush!" Yet again, I'm reminded that voting based on morals and character is more important that voting on the economy.