If you're stupid enough to fall for this, you shouldn't vote anyway.

Aaron at Free Will rakes Oliver Willis over the coals for even considering that this is a serious Republican eeeevil plot to supress black voters.

It's like that email that's going around that says "IMPORTANT VOTER INFORMATION: Due to projected high voter turnout, the Federal Election Committee announced Republicans and Libertarians will vote on Tuesday, November 2 and Democrats and Greens will vote on Wednesday, November 3."

If you believe that, I've got a great deal on a Christmas cruise to Cambodia for you.


One good thing about the BoSox winning...

is that Curt Schilling had the opportunity to say this on Good Morning America:

"And make sure you tell everybody to vote, and vote Bush next week."

I knew I liked him.

I'm more saddened by the Cardinals' loss(es) than I anticipated. I knew I'd be disappointed, but I actually feel a teensy bit like I'm in mourning. I just wish the Cards could have played like the team we've known all season. The BoSox have to be happy they finally won, but it can't be as sweet a victory as it would have been if we hadn't have just handed it to them. Don't get me wrong, the Red Sox were amazing, but the Cards just didn't perform to the best of their ability. Hopefully next year Carpenter will be healthy, we'll get another decent starting pitcher or two, and the boys will remember how to hit a ball. Hey, at least the BoSox only have one more year to visit the place where they broke the alleged curse... we're tearing that sucker down.


Game 3

OK, OK, I know I haven't been blogging every day. (Not that anyone is reading this.) I just may have some thoughts during Game 3. First, did Martina McBride not kick butt on the National Anthem? I still have goosebumps and tears in my eyes! Go Cards!

7:49 PM: WHO is picking the music for the montages before and after commercials? It's like they grabbed a copy of "Best of Lame 70s Soft Rock" and are going straight through the playlist. They need to remember that no matter how appropriate the words of the song are, if no one recognizes it, it doesn't matter. Plus, you've got to capture the excitement and intensity of the World Series. Nothing I've heard so far has done that. Write Fox Sports and complain... I did.

8:38 PM: WHY SOUP, WHY???? I'm an completely unathletic GIRL and I could have made it to to home plate!! I can't look...

11:30 PM: It didn't get any better after Suppan's screw-up. Although, Larry Walker's homer in the ninth gave me a slight glimmer of hope. It is the BoSox we are playing, after all.


I join Albert in saying "I just tang da Lord!"

Wooooooohoooooooooooo! Maybe now my Cardinals will get the respect they deserve! When Jimmy Edmonds made that unbelievable catch, my fear of a Cardinals loss began to fade. Unfortunately for the Sox, the curse won't be reversed this year.

(AP Photo/Tom Gannam)

Beltran & Biggio: not pure evil after all

Check out this letter which endorses the President and the list of professional and Olympic athletes who signed it. They include John Elway (Go Broncos!), Matt Hasselbeck, Jack Nicklaus, Mary Lou Retton, Lynn Swann, Nolan Ryan, and lots more. I'm disappointed there are no Cardinals on the list, but the presence of Astros outfielders Beltran & Biggio will be my one comfort if they somehow manage to defeat my Redbirds tonight. I was going to root for the BoSox if the 'Stros won, but I think I'll have to put my support behind the NL and the Bush supporters. Although, I don't know why I'm wasting my time even considering this, because the Cardinals are going to dominate tonight.

"Ad criticizes Blunt for things that aren't his fault"

This is no surprise. I saw this McCaskill ad dramatizing a job interview of Matt Blunt recently, and I was worried. Anyone with a basic knowledge of how elections work would know that county clerks publish ballots and send out absentee ballots, not the Secretary of State. Sadly, very few people know do have that basic knowledge. Seems the Dems are taking advantage of the ignorance of the general public. Thanks to KY3 for letting the public in on the truth.


Drag queens & the culture of ownership

This afternoon I got sucked into watching "Double Agents" on the Discovery Channel. It featured a drag-queen video store owner who was looking for a home in D.C. (He/she ended up with a fabulous place... I was totally envious).

Anyway, they have little trivia facts before commercials. One of them said "The average age of homeowners has fallen from 39 to 36 in the last four years." I'm no economist, but I think this is a good thing for the President. I interpret it to mean that people are making more money in more stable jobs at a younger age. I'm sure the drag queen was thrilled that there was a mini-Bush-commercial tacked on to his foray into the reality TV spotlight.

Yeah, that's what I said

I do indeed believe that baseball hasn't felt this good since the strike. It's been a long ten years. It's going to feel even better after the Cardinals win the World Series. (Even if they don't, at least it will be to the Red Sox and not at the hands of the Evil Empire.)


Once again, baseball reflects life

After rejoicing at the BoSox victory in Game 6 in the ALCS, I know now how most Kerry supporters feel. I'm not a BoSox fan, but I HATE the Yankees. I feel that they are pure evil (which is probably unfounded). Nor are most Kerry supporters actually fans of Kerry, they just abhor the President. I am actually a fan of the Cardinals. I would like it if the BoSox take this series, but if the Yankees win, I know that my team will just beat them in the World Series, so it's really not that big of a deal. As much as I hate to make this comparison, I think perhaps the Cardinals=Hillary Rodham Clinton in this analogy. If I'm a Democrat, I hope Kerry wins, but if he doesn't; no big deal. I know Hillary will get 'em in the end.

Here I go... for real this time

After months of procrastinating, I'm actually going to start blogging. At least one post a day. I just have too many ideas in my head to let them just slip away. I guess I've already got a bit of that blogger narcissism.